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Rental Agreement
Rules & Guidelines
Additional Insurance
Cancellation Policy

Rental Agreement

The full rental contract.

DELIVERY: To address specified by the lessee (customer). Lessee grants right to enter said property for the delivery and pick up of equipment. Times to be approximate, but not later than scheduled start time and can be up to six hours after scheduled end time. Set up and take down times may even take place on days other then event day if prearranged.

I understand that the activity to be engaged in through my rental of an inflatable, interactive amusement device brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to guests, invitees, and myself. Those risks include but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, and colliding and could result in injury, illness, disease, and emotional distress, death, and or property damage to guests, invitee, or myself.

I voluntarily release, indemnify, hold harmless and discharge Great Lakes Bounce from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of actions, whether personal to me or to a third party which are related to arise out of or are in any way connected with my rental of the unit including those allegedly attributable to negligent acts or omissions. I agree to reimburse any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs that may be incurred by Great Lakes Bounce in the defense of any such liability claim, demand or action.

In the event that I file a lawsuit against Great Lakes Bounce I agree that the substantive law of that state shall apply in that action without regard to the conflict of law of that state.

I acknowledge that I have adequate homeowner’s insurance, tenant insurance or other liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage, which might occur to guest, invitees, or myself from the use of the unit I am renting.

Lessee agrees to supervise both the equipment and its use at all times said equipment is in the possession of the lessee. Please see accompanying set of rules.

I acknowledge and certify that I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document and I understand its contents and agree to be bound by the terms described above.



Rules & Guidelines

recommendations for safe operation

Specific rules:

  1. Compatible age groups must play on unit at the same time. Age groups should not be mixed. Different sized children should not be mixed.
  2. Inflatable structures are designed for children and not recommended for adults.
  3. The maximum number of children on an inflatable structure is as follows:
    • Ages 2-8 years old= 8 children
    • Ages 9-13 years old = 6 children
    • Ages 14-17 years old = 4 children
  4. No shoes, jewelry, glasses and other harmful articles allowed in unit.
  5. No flips or somersaults.
  6. No food or drinks inside or near inflatable structure.
  7. Do not tape or fasten anything to the structure.
  8. Children must be supervised at all times, please explain all rules to children before use.
  9. In case of deflation exit unit slowly and calmly.

In case of deflation:

  • If motor has stopped, check the cord connection at the outlet and at the motor. If too many items are plugged into the same outlet breaker may trip.
  • If motor is running check air intake on side of motor for blockage. Check both tubes on back of structure for snugness and retie if necessary.
  • If any problems please contact your representative listed on this form or main office at 517-490-7037.


agree to accept full responsibility for the care of all equipment while it is in my possession. I agree to pay full retail value or repair costs of any equipment damaged or not returned. I agree to be responsible for any excessive cleaning and costs that may arise from that. I agree to follow the rules stated above.

Additional Insurance

get covered under our insurance

for a small fee your organization can be added to our insurance. If interested, please inquire when you place your order.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel a week before the scheduled delivery date with no cancelation fee, an hour before hand if its weather related. If you cancel late there is a $50 booking fee.